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Surface Sensors

Surface Sensors

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  • Standard Configuration:32” long thermocouple grade stranded #20 gauge wire, Teflon® insulated & twisted with Stainless Steel overbraid and Mini-plug termination.
  • Important!:The Mini-plug is our standard termination, not to be confused with a Standard Plug. Please refer to the descriptions at the bottom of this page.

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EDL’s SS Surface Sensor is the number one choice for dependable, reliable, and accurate surface temperature measurements across industries. It is a longtime favorite of the gas, pipe fusion, and utilities industries. Hand-crafted and made in America, the SS is produced from the finest materials available. This sensor is fast responding, made with a self-aligning, two coil thermocouple which is mounted in a ceramic head. Rugged and dependable, the SS style sensor was designed to measure all flat, smooth surfaces. It will consistently deliver fast response times with the highest accuracy. A high temperature SS Surface Sensor is available, and it is also offered in Straight, 45°, and 90° angled versions.

Trust EDL for consistent quality temperature measurements for industrial processes.

* Max. Temperature for T is 400 °C.
* All EDL Surface Sensors come standard with a 32” lead with Stainless Steel over-braid.
* Upon request, EDL’s Metrology Laboratory will supply your sensor and instrument complete with a report of calibration traceable to NIST. For more information contact [email protected].


Sensing Tip

0.5" diameter Teflon® two-coil type


2.5" long, 0.625" diameter Aluminum with 3 (removable) plastic extension handle


32" long thermocouple grade stranded #20-gauge wire, Teflon® insulated & twisted with Stainless Steel over-braid


± 3° C or 1% (whichever is greater)

Response Time of SS-12KM

< 1.92 seconds to 95% of reading

< 3.2 seconds to 99% of reading


Termination Options

Mini-plug (Code: M)
Mini-plug (Code: M)
Our Mini-plugs are available in any
thermocouple type, and low and high temperature configurations. Available for purchase.

Standard Plug (Code: L)
Standard Plug (Code: L)

Our standard plugs are available in low and high temperature versions to suit any application.

DRT Plug (Code: R)
DRT Plug (Code: R)

R-Style sensor tips are designed for use with the EDL HDRT Holder. For both analog and digital instruments.

BET Plug (Code: E)


BET Plug (Code: E)
E-Style sensor tips were designed for use with the EDL HBET Holder. For digital instruments.

Phono Plug (Code: P)
Phono Plug (Code: P)

The Phonoplug was designed for use with our EDL NMP Pocket-Probe® Series Analog Pyrometers.


Spade Lugs (Code: A)
Spade Lugs (Code: A)

Spade Lug Connectors are non-insulated connectors designed to take the heat in any application for any analog instrument using screw terminals.

Unterminated (Code: U)
Unterminated (Code: U)

Bare wire with ends stripped.


PVC Coil Cord w/Mini-plug (Code: C)
PVC Coil Cord w/Mini-plug (Code: C)

PVC coil cord with Mini-plug is durable and extends to 5'. Ideal for use with temperature sensors for digital instruments.

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