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LOW TEMPERATURE STS Surface Transfer Standard Calibrator / Verification Station
LOW TEMPERATURE - STS Surface Transfer Standard Calibrator/Verification Station

LOW TEMPERATURE STS Surface Transfer Standard Calibrator / Verification Station

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  • True Accurate Surface Temperatures at an Affordable Price!

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NEW --- LOW TEMPERATURE Surface Sensor Verification Station/Calibrator with Aluminum Block -
Test a variety of Surface Sensors from -34 °C up to 38 °C - - - all in one unit!

You don't have to be an engineer to use EDL's STS calibrators. Our easy to use units come pre-programmed and offer an RS-232 computer interface and I-Tools. Now available in a cooled version, you can quickly and economically test virtually any surface sensor from -34 °C up to 38 °C - in one unit!

The Cooled STS comes standard with an Aluminum Block, for the easiest testing possible for virtually any Surface Style Sensor. These verification stations/calibrators are small enough to use on the floor or in the lab. Available for purchase separately, or in the Reference System. The new COOLED STS is available in both 110Vac and 220Vac versions. These units are often used right on the production floor to verify sensors before, during, and after a shift. These instruments allow you to remove doubt from your measurements.

Weighing only 16 lbs. (with an Aluminum block/Brass blocks will weigh more), the STS line is easily transported. The new COOLED version allows you test at any temperature between -38 °C up to 38 °C. The Aluminum block gives ample surface area for calibrations of surface sensors up to the maximum temperature of the calibrator. The Aluminum block doesn't require a tremendous amount of force and helps to produce repeatable results in a short amount of time.

These lightweight, easy to use calibrators are guaranteed to perform better than the larger, more expensive dry-wells available on the market. These units feature stability of <±0.05 °C with temperatures as high as 38 °C (100 °F). All EDL calibrators include a NIST-traceable calibration certificate. The STS line is ideal for sensors, digital thermometers, dial gauges, and bulb switches. All data is easily collected and downloaded to the computer through the RS-232 computer interface which allows computer control of the set points for automatic testing. EDL's calibrators are economical, easy to use, and compact they are the number one choice for surface calibrators on the market today.

When trust in measurement matters, count on EDL.

Cooled Surface Transfer Standard Calibrator for LOW TEMPERATURE Surface Calibrations:
*Temperature: -34 °C up to 38 °C (-30 °F to 100 °F)
*3" Aluminum Block
**Drilled to Accommodate 3/16" (0.1875") Reference Probe**
*Size: 30.4cm (12") x 25.4cm (10") x 34.6cm (14")
*Weight: 11 kg (25 lbs.)
*Stability: 0.1 °C (over 30 minute period)
*Resolution: 0.1 °C
*Accuracy: ± 2.0 °C
*Uniformity: (Better Than) ± 0.5 °C
*Power: 110VAC, 10 amp, 50/60Hz (220VAC available)
*RS-232 Computer Interface
*12-Month Warranty

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