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Pocket-Probe® Plastics Molding Temperature Kit

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Part Number: KIT-PD

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Pocket-Probe® Plastics Molding Temperature Kit – Kit Includes:

(Available in Thermocouple Type K or Type J)

Kit Part #: KIT-PDK (Type K) or KIT-PDJ (Type J)

(1) Pocket-Probe® Pyrometer for Thermocouple Readings Part # PDK or PDJ

(2) 90° Surface Sensor Mold Probes Part # SS90-12KE or SS90-12JE

(2) 4" Needle Sensor Melt Probes Part # NB-15GSOKF4E or NB-15GSOJF4E

(1) HBET Interchangeable Sensor System Part # HBET-KM or HBET-JM

(1) Carrying Case Part # CC-EZ

Our precision pyrometer delivers consistent, accurate readings and has been the industry's favorite for decades. It's reliable, user friendly, and built with durability in mind, featuring a durable ABS Nylon Alloy case. The Pocket-Probe® features 0.1° resolution, shows readings in both °F and °C, and comes with a five-year warranty. The Pocket-Probe® is compatible with all of our mini-plug terminated sensors of the same thermocouple type, allowing you to further customize your kit to your business's needs. General Factory Calibration is included; Lab Calibration is available upon request.

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