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The Nervo-Scope® ETS Series- Thermal Detection Instruments for Chiropractic Professionals

Nervo-Scope® is used by professionals around the world to reliably detect and measure minute heat differences in the tissues along the spine. This instrument may be used comfortably on children, adults and even animals for both pre and post adjustment assessment. Trusted by industry professionals since the 1950's - we are the original scope manufacturer. 

Nervo-Scope® is built to withstand the rigors of continual cleaning and disinfecting. We recommend using only an EDL approved cleaner. A large meter scale with a fluorescent pointer makes even the smallest temperature change easy to read. The sensing detectors can be adjusted from 0.6” wide to 2.1” wide to accommodate infants and adults.

*Please note, all Nervo-Scope® sales are final; no returns are accepted. Please understand as the manufacturer of the scope, we are not trained as Doctors of Chiropractic and we are unable to provide instruction on how to use or interpret scope readings.



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