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Nervo-Scope® ETS-9A

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Nervo-Scope ETS-9A
Part Number: CHR-ETS-9A

Product Data Sheet

Nervo-Scope® reliably detects and measures minute heat differences in the tissues along the spine. The instrument can be used comfortably for both pre and post adjustment assessment.

In today's world, cell phones, tablets, laptops, Blue Tooth systems, wireless networks, radio transmitters, fluorescent lights, etc. are everywhere. In essence, RFI is at an all time high.

As a result of feedback from the Chiropractic community, EDL's newest Nervo-Scopes® (ETS-9 and ETS-9A) are engineered to reject the influence of these sources and give stable, accurate readings every time the instrument is used.

EDL's newest Nervo-Scopes® have the same sensitivity as our previous models. The ETS-9A is compatible with the Analagraph® Graph Recorder and both models are designed to automatically power down after ten minutes.

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