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Calibration Services

EDL offers complete calibration services for a variety of temperature measurement equipment – regardless of where it was purchased. Experienced Calibration Technicians are here to ensure your equipment is calibrated (and repaired) when you need it. Regardless of your industry, EDL is here to provide you with top quality calibrations from -196 °C to over 1500 °C. Contact [email protected] for pricing.

EDL's Calibration Services

• ALL EDL Manufactured Instruments Are Automatically Checked at 0 °C, 38 °C, 538 °C, 1038 °C • Full Calibration on RTDs, Thermocouples, PRTDs, Thermistors, Liquid in Glass Thermometers, Analog Instruments and Sensors, and SPRT By Comparison Method • Testing from the Cryogenic Range Up to Above 1500 °C – to ASTM standards • NIST Traceability • Testing in All Standard Units • Service to Outside Labs • The Most Accurate Means of Calibrating Surface Sensors • Repairs When Needed • All Calibrations are Performed by Qualified and Reliable Trained Technicians • Only the Most Precise Calibration Equipment Used • Incoming Calibration Checks Are Available Upon Request

Our laboratory is an integral part of the company and it has allowed us to produce high quality products for 76 years. We are firmly committed to producing high quality products and to provide the highest level of calibration service that we can. These are the ideals by which our calibration laboratory operates. EDL’s Calibration Laboratory achieves a high level of calibration on sensors and/or instruments to allow you to meet your Quality Control requirements and improve the accuracy of your measurements. Our laboratory provides a firm scientific foundation and direct traceability to the International Temperature Scale (ITS90) and the National Institute of Standards of Technology (NIST). Currently our calibration laboratory is neither A2LA nor NAVLAP accredited. We are ANSI/ISO/IEC 17025: 2000 compliant, and we are in the process of evaluating third party accreditors for the final step in the accreditation process.

EDL has been providing temperature calibrations since its inception in 1943, our services are deeply rooted in the science of temperature measurement and metrology. Initially EDL provided calibration services only for the products we manufactured; however, through customer encouragement our calibration services have expanded to include many types of temperature indicating devices. You will note that we only calibrate temperature monitoring equipment and have remained focused on this parameter since 1943.

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