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Pocket-Probe® Analog Pyrometer

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Pocket-Probe® Analog Pyrometer
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Applications include Fuel, Nuclear, Shipping Vessels, Gas, & Electric (Utilities)

• Red-Knife pointer for easy readability
• Spring-cushioned jewels absorb shock
• Portable for mobile or bench top applications
• Large, easy to read scale
• Automatically adjusts to changes in ambient temperatures
• Automatic transit switch
• 1-year warranty

Accommodates temperatures from 0 ° up to 600 °F, with 10 ° degrees per division.

Product Code

Temperature Range

Degrees Per Division


0° to 600 °F

10 °F


0° to 1000 °F

20 °F

EDL's Pocket-Probe Analog Pyrometers were developed in the 1960's. These long-time trusted pyrometers are dependable, compact, and portable temperature measuring instruments for industrial and laboratory use. EDL engineered an exclusive bi-metal and thermistor compensation network to automatically adjust for changes in room temperatures. This innovation distinguished the Pocket-Probe as the industry standard.

Pocket-Probe Analog pyrometers require no batteries for operation, thus eliminating potential sparks. This feature makes these instruments ideal for explosion hazard areas where fumes and gases may pose a potential safety issue. Unlike digital displays, you can visually track readings as they increase or decrease. Analog meters are not affected by RF noise and other electrical interference making these instruments immune to any adverse effects to readability and accuracy.

Today, the rugged Pocket-Probe Analog Pyrometer still offers unmatched performance for reliability and accuracy. All meter movements are hand assembled by experienced craftsmen. All of EDL's instruments are constructed with only the finest components to ensure years of reliable service. The Pocket-Probe Analog Pyrometer is backed by an unconditional one-year guarantee.

All EDL Sensors are sold separately. Additional thermocouple types and digital display options are available.

EDL’s Metrology Laboratory can supply any sensor and instrument complete with a report of calibration that is traceable to NIST.

For more information contact us at [email protected].

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