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Temperature Sensors

EDL offers an extensive line of base, noble metal and refractory thermocouples, thermistors, and RTDs. We offer over 10,000 standard sensors and thousands of specialty sensors which were designed and manufactured for industry specific needs. The quality and reliability of EDL sensors are absolutely second to none. Our elaborate quality control system, combined with our 100% inspection process, ensures we produce superior products (with the highest possible accuracies). All EDL sensors are hand crafted here in the USA.   

In our long history, we have experienced many cases where customers have reported after switching to EDL sensors, their rate of replacement was reduced by 75%! This reduction in replacement sensors is a direct result of us paying attention to the details - our choice of materials for sensor construction, sensor design, and the meticulous care we show in sensor fabrication. For more information on our manufacturing process, or for help with a custom sensor built for your specific needs, contact our helpful sales department at [email protected] or call 434.799.0807. 
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Surface Sensors
Long Shank Surface Sensors
RTD Environmental Air Sensor
RTD Center Sharp Needle
Platen Surface Sensor
Weighted Fluid Sensor
Mini-Spade Lug Sensor
Bayonet Thermocouples
Wire Roller Contact Sensor
Versatile Surface Sensors
Multi-Purpose Surface Sensors
Brass RTD Button
Mini-Versatile Surface Sensors
Rugged Surface Sensors
Mini-Wand Surface Sensors
Mini-Leaf Surface Sensors
Leaf Surface Sensors
Pipe Clamp Surface Sensor
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