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Telescoping Pole for Roller Probe Thermocouples
EDL HBET Interchangeable Sensor System

Telescoping Pole for Roller Probe Thermocouples

Your Price: $620.00
Part Number:TC-4POLE
  • Accommodates Any Band Size!
  • Telescoping Pole for Extended Reach and Utmost Safety!

EDL's Telescoping Pole (TC-4POLE) has been a favorite of the paper industry for decades! It is ideal for any facility that requires temperature monitoring of hard to reach areas - or any area where a safety concern is present. The Telescoping Pole is included in our Temperature & Humidity Kit, and is also sold separately. 

The Pole extends from 46" to 13' 7" and accommodates the EDL Replaceable Roller Probe Bands in all band sizes - 2.5" band (R2.5-08K), 5" band (R5-08K), and 12" band (R12-08K) versions. Bands are sold separately. Roller Probe Bands are easy to replace. The Pole is equipped with a 25' long Teflon lead and Mini-plug termination for use with your Digital Instrument (sold separately). 

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