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Single Black Body (SBB) Infrared Calibrator

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 • Ideal for All IR Guns – Regardless of Their Class! • Ultra High Stability • Fast Heat Up & Cool Down Times • Simple to Use • Rugged & Lightweight • Available in 120VAC or 240VAC - EDL Will Accommodate the Cord Configuration to Match the Home Country Power Requirement • Includes Removable Control Sensor for Easy Recalibration • Adjustable Bail Handle • Optional Aperture Available • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate Included • Available as a Reference Version and May Be Drilled to Accommodate 0.125” External Reference Sensor (sold separately) • 12-Month Warranty

EDL's Single Black Body Infrared (IR) Calibrators have been trusted for decades to provide an easy and reliable method of testing virtually any in-line or handheld infrared pyrometer. These IR calibrators provide extremely uniform Black Body targets with a high emissivity of > 0.98e. Perfect for applications requiring only one temperature range, calibrators in the Single Black Body line are compact enough to use in the field or for permanent placement in the lab. The SBB-1 (low range) accommodates temperatures from -30 °C up to 110 °C, the SBB-2 (mid-range) accommodates temperatures from ambient up to 350 °C, and the SBB-3 (high-range) accommodates temperatures from ambient up to 650 °C. These models all reature a large 2” diameter black body target area. The SBB-2-6 with extra-large 6” black body target area is now available, and accommodates temperatures from ambient up to 500 °C. EDL offers an SBB to cover the most tested temperatures. For help with ordering, contact [email protected].  


All SBB calibrators are equipped with an advanced temperature controller that delivers high accuracy and reliability, and iTools (a program that allows the user full control over the available features). Data is easily collected and downloaded to your computer through the RS-232 interface, and the computer may be used to control set points for automatic testing. These calibrators are equipped with a control reference probe which is inserted into the Black Body; this sensor is easily removed for independent calibration. Any of the SBB models may be drilled to accommodate a 0.125” External Reference Sensor (sold separately). It is recommended to purchase a calibrated pyrometer (Part#: PDK) and extender lead (part#: ET-M-MJ-36K) to accompany the reference sensor for initial calibration.


A NIST traceable calibration report is included with your initial purchase. All EDL calibrators are made in the USA and tested for stability and uniformity before shipping. Available in 110VAC and 220VAC versions, with European cord sets as required. Refer to above Specification Tab for complete Datasheet with specifications.  


All EDL products are made in the USA. We guarantee the highest quality goods that are engineered and built by skilled craftsmen with ample experience in the temperature measurement and calibration field. Since 1943, EDL's focus has been on achieving levels of accuracy that are unmatched by any other company. Let EDL help remove uncertainly out of your measurements, rely on EDL for all of your temperature and calibration needs.

Please note, the SBB may be ordered drilled to accommodate a 0.125” External Reference Sensor (sold separately). All SBB’s may also be purchased as a complete Reference System.

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