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STS Surface Transfer Standard Calibrator
STS Surface Transfer Standard Calibrator

STS Surface Transfer Standard Calibrator

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  • True Accurate Surface Temperatures at an Affordable Price!

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Easily Calibrate Surface Sensors with the EDL STS Surface Transfer Standard! 
You don't have to be an engineer to use EDL's STS calibrators. Our units come pre-programmed and offer an RS-232 computer interface and I-Tools. These calibrators are very easy to use, plug it in, set your temperature (wait a few minutes for the unit to reach the set temperature) and begin checking your probes. STS calibrators use a high quality controller that allows the set point to be set with a resolution of 0.1°, and they are available in both 110Vac and 220Vac versions. STS calibrators are often used right on the production floor to verify sensors before, during, and after a shift. These instruments allow you to remove doubt from your measurements. The standard line of surface calibrators include: the STS-SC1 (high temperature), and the STS-SC2 (mid-range). 

Both the STS-SC1 and STS-SC2 weigh only 16 lbs., so they are easily transported. The 2" diameter block gives ample surface area for calibrations of surface sensors up to the maximum temperature of the calibrator. These lightweight, easy to use calibrators are guaranteed to perform better than the larger, more expensive dry-wells available on the market. These units feature stability of <±0.05 °C with temperatures as high as 650 °C. All EDL calibrators include a NIST-traceable calibration certificate. The STS line is ideal for sensors, digital thermometers, dial gauges, and bulb switches. All data is easily collected and downloaded to the computer through the RS-232 computer interface which allows computer control of the set points for automatic testing. EDL's calibrators are economical, easy to use, and compact they are the number one choice for surface calibrators on the market today. 

When trust in measurement matters, count on EDL. STS-SC1 Surface Calibrator These calibrators are the perfect choice for a high temperature surface calibrator. They can be used for calibrations from ambient to 650 °C, with stability of <± 0.05 °C. This calibrator is ideal for calibrating surface sensors of all styles and types, in the field, on the production floor, as well as in the lab. Short heating and cooling times mean you won't have to wait long to get your work done. From room temperature to 650 °C (1202 °F), in only 90 minutes, the STS-SC1, makes your calibrations manageable. STS-SC2 Surface Calibrator The STS-SC2 is a surface calibrator with a temperature range of Ambient to 315 °C. This model was designed for the most common temperature range and is perfect for quick testing on the production floor or in the field. EDL's STS-SC2 is fast; with a heating block built around an advanced heating element. In addition, these calibrators have a fast cooling fan that helps them cool down almost as quickly as they heat up. STS calibrators make all surface calibrations easy and efficient.

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