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RTD Mini-Grabber Clips
RTD Mini-Grabber Clips

RTD Mini-Grabber Clips

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Part Number: MG-

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- RTD material from the tip to the Banana Plug
- Available with convenient coil cords
- Allows fast connections to bare RTD wires
- Eliminates multiple cold-end junctions
- 3 or 4 wire copper/copper

RTD Mini-Grabber Clips provide a continuous connection from bare wires to the measuring instrument without attaching plugs and eliminates the need to use copper connections.  EDL's connectors save time and improves the accuracy and efficiency of your measurement application.

*Add to base price: $57.00 for 3' coilcord extending to 15’.
** Add to base price: $12.00 for L (standard plug). 

EDL's Metrology Laboratory will supply any sensor and instrument complete with a report of calibration that is traceable to NIST. Please be sure to select Calibration during checkout. For more information contact us at [email protected].

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