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RTD Environmental Air Sensor

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RTD Environmental Air Sensor
Part Number: RTAES

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EDL's Environmental Air Sensor is the perfect solution for critical monitoring applications such as laboratories, refrigerated areas, incubators, and hatcheries.  The RTD sensor is located inside of a cage with a high open area for fast response times.  A small plastic or Stainless Steel mounting base can easily be affixed to walls or ceilings in either vertical or horizontal positions. 

The sensor's high accuracy and fast response time helps to improve environmental control and monitoring.  The sensing element is sealed and embedded in a Stainless Steel tube so this sensor may be used in wash down applications.  The shield protects the element while allowing sufficient air flow for an accurate reading.  It is available with extended lead lengths so no line splicing is required. 

Sensing Element: 1 1/2" - 3" Diameter
Lead: Teflon/Teflon
Range: -50 °C to 200 °C
Termination: Supplied Unterminated
Curve: 0.00385

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