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Platen Surface Sensor

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Platen Surface Sensor
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EDL's Platen Surface Sensor is ideal for platens and press plates because they can be closed and their surface temperature measured when using this sensor.  The Platen Surface Sensor features a spring loaded sensing element and will withstand 20,000 psi of clamping pressure.  Platens or Press Plates may be closed to 3/8" and this sensor boasts an all Stainless Steel Rugged Construction.  This sensor is available in thermocouple type J, K, E, or T

Sensing Element: 1 1/2" or 3" Diameter
Lead: 32" Long thermocouple grade stranded #20 gauge wire, Teflon insulated & twisted with Stainless Steel overbraid
Range: -40 °C-500 °C
Accuracy: 1%
Shank Length: 6"

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