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Electronic Development Laboratories, Inc.

Pharmaceutical Industry

EDL manufactures instruments, calibrators, thermocouples and RTDs that are used in a wide array of pharmaceutical production and research. Our calibrators easily cover the range of all Pharmaceutical operations. They feature high accuracy, with extremely high stability. All EDL sensors are hand made with the finest materials available and are held to the most stringent standards, ideal for pharmaceutical. We offer thermocouple, RTDs, thermistors and solid state designs for sanitary applications, as well as sensors that flush-mount with the interior walls of tanks, measuring temperatures without penetrating the inside of the vessels. Our tool & die machine shop produces and fabricates all of our parts in house for added quality control. For the past 75 years, EDL has manufactured not only our long time trusted standard sensors, but also custom engineered thermocouples and RTDs engineered specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. We also offer immersion style and surface style sensors for use in the injection molding and packaging side. For help with your custom sensor for pharmaceutical, contact our helpful sales team at [email protected] or 434.799.0807.

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