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Mini-Ultra Bath

Your Price: $11,139.00
Mini-Ultra Bath Temperature Calibration Unit
Part Number: MUB-20130-1

Mini-Ultra Bath (MUB) Features:

Independent RTD Reference Sensor with Added Protection for Inputs – Easily Removed for Recalibration • High Stability & Uniformity • Sealable Lid for Easy Transport • Anodized Aluminum Tank • Advanced, Thermally Protected Stirring System • Built-In Sensor Holding System Included • DB-9/RS-232 Interface with iTools Software Included • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate

Mini-Ultra Baths (MUB) are high precision portable calibration sources that simply outclass even the best dry wells – all at an affordable price. At a fraction of the cost of a large floor model style bath, the MUB easily achieves accuracies and uniformities better than 20mK. Our MUB’s are ideal for lab and field calibration of thermocouples, SPRTs, thermistors, and liquid in-glass thermometers. EDL’s Mini-Ultra Baths offer a wide operating range at a competitive cost. They were engineered with a deep well, ideal for almost any immersion style sensor. The MUB-20130 boasts a temperature range of -20 °C to 130 °C in one unit, allowing for testing at 121 °C, a key sterilization temperature. This unit includes an RS-232 interface for use with the supplied iTools software. Full function programming, monitoring and graphing from your laptop or PC is available using this open architecture system software.  All EDL products are made in the USA. We guarantee the highest quality goods that are engineered and built by skilled craftsmen with ample experience in the temperature measurement and calibration field. Since 1943, EDL's focus has been on achieving levels of accuracy that are unmatched by any other company. Let EDL help remove uncertainly out of your measurements, rely on EDL for all of your temperature and calibration needs.

Refer to the above Specification tab for complete Datasheet showing specifications. 

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