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    For decades, industry professionals have relied on EDL's Custom Temperature Kits for the tools needed to test a range of common temperatures found in the industry. Our all-inclusive Kits were designed for industry specific temperature measurement, and every kit component was carefully selected specifically for your industry! Kits save you time and money.
  • Temperature Instruments
    We offer a variety of handheld and bench top pyrometers - including both Digital & Analog models! All of our instruments are made in America by skilled craftsmen, and backed by an unbeatable warranty. Instruments come standard with General Factory calibration, and may be sent through our metrology laboratory for calibration at specified temperature points.
  • Temperature Sensors
    EDL offers a variety of high quality thermocouples, thermistors, and RTDs. In addition to our 10,000+ standard sensors, we also custom design and manufacture specialty sensors for industry specific needs. All EDL sensors are hand-crafted here in the USA.
  • Compression Fittings
    Our Compression Fittings have been used internationally for over 40 years. Designed for a broad range of markets and for use in many applications, they are used in new installations or in repair/maintenance situations. Fittings are easily installed, resulting in labor and equipment cost savings for you.
  • Custom Engineered Sensors
    Since 1943, we have been known for producing the finest temperature sensors available. Both standard and custom. We are proud to be known as The Temperature People® - since 1943. Contact our helpful sales team at [email protected] or 434.799.0807, for a solution to your unique temperature application.
  • Accessories and Replacement Parts
    We are proud to offer accessories and replacement parts for products that we produced 50+ years ago. These products include replacement bands for our sensors, extender leads, thermocouple wire, instrument lugs, plugs and jacks, termination adapters, extension handles, leads, and more. We are dedicated to customer service and product support.

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