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HDRT Interchangeable Sensor System

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EDL's Interchangeable Sensor System is a low-cost alternative to our standard sensors with leads. The BET and DRT systems are ideal for rough industrial applications. If a sensor breaks, only the interchangeable thermocouple tip needs to be replaced – saving you time and money.

The Stainless-Steel handles are polarized to accommodate different thermocouple types, and each handle comes standard with a 32" lead with Stainless Steel Overbraid.

When a lead is required, use a HDRT Holder, extender lead, or the sensor can be used alone, plugged directly into the instrument. For use with digital instruments only.

The R Series allows various sizes and types of sensors of the same thermocouple type to be used with one HDRT Holder. Look for R in the ordering charts, under the termination column to see if it is available in the sensor that is being ordered.

* Max. Temperature for T is 400 °C.
All EDL Surface Sensors come standard with a 32” lead with Stainless Steel Overbraid.

EDL’s Metrology Laboratory can supply any sensor and instrument complete with a report of calibration that is traceable to NIST. Add Calibration during checkout.

For more information contact us at [email protected].


HDRT Holder

3" long x 0.625" diameter Stainless Steel


32" long thermocouple grade stranded #20-gauge wire, Teflon® insulator & twisted with Overbraid


Governed by T/C type

Response Time

Governed by T/C type



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