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Fire Service Products

Since 1943, we have been a leading manufacturer of temperature measurement products. In addition to serving our industrial manufacturing clients, we began serving the fire training burn building industry since the early 90's. Our T-VAL Fire Safety Kit, Accu-Therm Digital Unit, and high temperature wire and thermocouples are designed and manufactured specifically for the fire industry, and are being used by fire departments around the world for live fire training. EDL products are all manufactured in the USA. We offer the most rugged and dependable equipment available and over 74 years of manufacturing expertise - our products can be trusted and are built to last.  


EDL offers high quality temperature monitoring equipment and sensors for burn building training applications. Our products are designed to: 

  • Test burn building sensors
  • Test shutdown temperature on gas fired systems
  • Calibrate temperature monitoring systems
  • Improve the safety of training
  • Identify damaged sensors
  • Test full control loop, sensor, cabling and control


EDL Products are suitable for Class A & Gas Fired Training Buildings and are durable and corrosion resistant.  We offer top notch technical support, including a mobile tech team that will evaluate your training facility and complete repairs and calibrations at your facility. Contact [email protected] for a quote today. 

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