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FUR-1500 Ultra High Temperature Calibration Furnace

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FUR-1500 Ultra High Temperature Calibration Furnace
Part Number: FUR-1500

EDL's FUR-1500 Ultra High Temperature Calibration Furnace was designed for accurate testing of both thermocouples and RTDs. Calibrations between 300 °C and 1500 °C are easily, quickly and accurately achieved with this innovative split-tube, 3-zone furnace with Silicon Carbide elements. Engineered with unique features that make thermocouple calibrations both more efficient and more accurate, the FUR-1500 is specially designed to perform high accuracy calibrations as well as long term drift and temperature cycle tests. Highly stable and uniform temperature fields are accomplished with the use of an internal equalization block and a high purity ceramic liner over 5mm thick. This protective tube diffuses the element's energy helping to create a more uniform and stable temperature field for the most accurate measurements.

The FUR-1500 is available with a test cycling option that allows the user to cycle their sensors through a temperature, time and dwell cycle. The cycle is accomplished by moving the sensors in and out of the hot-zone using a front mounted air cylinder. The process is controlled by an imbedded micro-controller that can be interfaced to the user's computer for profile programming. This type of testing allows the user to see initial shifts that may occur due to thermal cycling. Sensors are subject to extreme temperature shifts during use, even when used in a non-static environment. Industrial laboratories have begun assessing the effects of cycling on their temperature sensors and our cycle test option on the FUR-1500 allows the user to test for and identify hysterisis.

All of EDL's products are made in the USA. We guarantee the highest quality goods that are engineered and built by skilled craftsmen with ample experience in the temperature measurement and calibration field. Since 1943, EDL's focus has been on achieving levels of accuracy that are unmatched by any other company. Let EDL take uncertainly out of your measurements, rely on EDL for all of your temperature and calibration needs.

FUR-1500 - Ultra High Temperature Calibration Furnace

Temperature Range: 300 °C to 1500 °C

Dimensions: 66cm (26") L x 38cm (15")
Weight: ~ 113kg (250 lbs.)
Internal Equalization Block Length: ~ 31cm (12")
Minimum Use Temperature: 300 °C
Maximum Use Temperature: 1500 °C
Stability: < 1 °C over 30 minutes
Three Zone Block Uniformity: < 1 °C
Heating Element: 12 Silicon Carbide RR Elements
Insulation: Low (K) Factor Vacuum Cast Ceramic, Alumina Tube with Ceramic Spacers
Inside Diameter: ~ 9.1cm (3.6")
Power: 240VAC, 10amp, 50/60Hz
Power Requirement: 240VAC, 9000 watts
Current Rating: 50A
Controller Power: 240VAC
Control Thermocouple: (3) Thermocouples

Control Cabinet:
Length: 43 cm (17")
Width: 56 cm (22")
Height:183 cm (72")
Weight: 113 kg (250 lbs)

*Cabinet is on Casters for Operator Convenience*
Element Power: (3) Phase Angle SCR's & (3) Step Down Transformers
Circuit Breaker: 50 A with Indicating Lamp

**Furnace Installation is Required**

**Alumina Equalization Block and Tantalum Sheath are Available - please inquire about our FUR-1500-A by contacting [email protected]**

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