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E-Z Probe - Food & Beverage Temperature Kit
E-Z Probe - Food & Beverage Temperature Kit

E-Z Probe® Food & Beverage Temperature Kit

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All Inclusive Food & Beverage Temperature Kit
Part Number: KIT-EZ

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Food & Beverage Temperature Kit - Parts Included in Kit:

(1) E-Z Probe® Pyrometer with Shatterproof Lexan Window Display (part# EZK-CX)

(1) 45° Rugged Surface Sensor with Coilcord (part# SR45-12KC)

(1) Blunt Needle Sensor for Insertion with Coilcord (part# NB-06GS4KQ4C)

(1) Welded Wire Sensor with Extended 55” Lead (part# WU-06KM7)

(1) Center Sharp Needle Sensor with Coilcord (part# NC-06GS4KM4C-HW)

(1) Carrying Case with Custom Foam Insert (part# CC-EZ)

The E-Z Probe Food & Beverage Temperature Kit is the ideal solution for accurate temperature measurements in industrial and commercial food environments. Whether you are checking a fryer, or a grill, calibrating an oven, or verifying a refrigerator - this kit will work for you! EDL's all-inclusive Food & Beverage Temperature Kit reduces risk by ensuring accurate equipment for monitoring temperatures for storage, handling, preparation, and even service.

This kit contains a variety of sensors based on demand and feedback from the industry and FDA guidelines on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and it is ideal for accurate testing of a range of common measurements, including walk-in freezers and griddles. The precision of our instruments improves your total quality control and regulatory compliance. The EDL Food & Beverage Temperature Kit allows you to take a proactive approach to monitoring critical temperatures and gives you confidence in your temperatures in production facilities, kitchens, and distribution centers alike. EDL's Sanitary Food & Beverage equipment is built to last, and guaranteed to outperform the competition. 0 | USA

Please note EDL instruments come standard with a General Factory Calibration Certificate, and Laboratory Calibration at specified temperature points is available upon request. For more information contact us at [email protected].

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