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Copper Instrument Lugs (25 Qty.)

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Part Number: THL-SLC
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* Fork ID: 6.8mm (0.270")
* Fork OD: 11.2mm (0.44")
* Thickness: 0.81mm (0.032")
* Wire Size: 16 to 22 Gauge
* Barrel Length: 6.7mm (0.265")
* Plating: Pure Copper

EDL's high quality Copper lugs are ideal for all connections where a crimp style connector is required for low resistance, low microvolt offset, and to reduce the effects of corrosion.  The EDL instrument lug is a high quality connector, suitable for laboratory and industrial instrument connections.  The pure thermally conductive copper fork terminal reduces thermal EMF at the terminal. 

Designed to be durable, these lugs will not peel or crack during use - even in severe cases where they are bent.  The plating on these lugs s flake resistant and will allow bending and or shaping as required.  Also available with GOLD PLATING.  These lugs are recommended for use with SPRTs, RTDs, and thermistors. 

EDL lugs are compatible with all major instrumentation equipment.  These lugs are ideally suited for high accuracy resistance measurements, especially when using bridge-type instrumentation.  EDL lugs are capable of handling up to #16 gauge wire, the spade is for 1/4" binding posts, 1/4" screws or smaller. 2 options available, pure copper or gold plating.

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