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Compression Fittings

EDL Compression Fittings are 100% American made - all designed and manufactured in our Danville, VA location.  Our compression fitting line has been around for well over 40 years and if our standard product lineup doesn’t have what you need, we are happy to design the fitting for you.  Our fittings are all hand-crafted and available in Teflon, Stainless Steel, Copper, Lava, and Neoprene to name a few. We offer specialized threads, milled flats, knurls, and cross holes all based on your specific requirements. 

These efficient and economical compression fittings are constructed from 316 Stainless Steel Hex Stock and are ideally suited for use with our exclusive money saving Lava Glands for easy interchangeability.  These industrial fittings are typically rated to 3000 psi and have a maximum temperature of 800 °C. Designed for a broad range of markets and for use in many applications, EDL's fittings may be used in new installations or in repair and maintenance situations. Our fittings are easily installed, resulting in labor and equipment cost savings for you. 


Our experts are here to design and produce what you need. Contact EDL Sales for pricing at 434.799.0807 or email [email protected]


Let us help you with: 

  • Tapered Male Fittings (MT)
  • Transition Compression Fittings (TR)
  • Tapered Female (FT)
  • Bulk Head (BH)
  • Micro Bore Compression Fittings (MB)
  • Specialized Fittings
  • Replacement Glands
  • Replaceable O-Rings

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Tapered Male Compression Fitting
Tapered Male Compression Fitting
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