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CRYO-CAL-2® Comparison Cryostat Calibrator

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CRYO-CAL-2 Comparison Cryostat Calibrator
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Comparison Cryostat Calibrator, Temperature -196 °C (77K) up to 0°

EDL's Comparison Cryostat Calibrator (CRYO-CAL-2) is the most trusted cryogenic calibration device available on the market. This passively cooled cryostat allows the user to safely and affordably calibrate a range of temperature measurement devices from 77K (-196 °C) up to 0 °C. Using liquid nitrogen as the cooling media eliminates the extreme cost of cascade compressor systems and the cumbersome nature of such baths. Calibrating at 113K (-160 °C) is no problem, and in fact, any temperature above 77K (-196 °C) can be accomplished with dwell times greater than 15 minutes. 

The Cryo-Cal-2 requires no expensive bath fluids and is virtually maintenance free - there are no moving parts or pumping systems. With less than thirteen (13) liters of LN2, affordable comparison calibrations can now be performed at any temperature above 77K (-196 °C)! Refer to Specification Tab for Datasheet and to view graphs illustrating Stability at -175 °C and -80 °C.  

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