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Brass RTD Button

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Decorative Brass RTD Button Sensor
Part Number: SPPT-1447-C

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Lacquer coated sensor designed for temperature measurement applications requiring a sensor that must be installed with a finished professional look.  The button sensor may be installed into wood, plastic, or plaster materials such as those used in commercial and industrial moldings.  Installation is simple and fast; a standard 1/4" hole is drilled and the sensor is press fit into location.  A plastic installation tool is available.  This sensor may be finished to your specific color requirements, call for pricing.  Sensors may be supplied with calibrated temperature to resistance values at an additional cost, call for pricing.  Standard lead length is 9" but additional lengths are offered upon request. 

Sensing Tip: 0.6" Diameter
Lead: 2 Wire w/ 12" pigtails
Range: -50 °C to 100 °C
RTD: 1000 ohms
Termination: Supplied Unterminated
Curve: 0.00385

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