We are proud to be an American manufacturer that provides temperature measurement instrumentation to countless industries in the United States and around the world.  We were established in 1943 as a repair house for instruments.  We saw how to make superior products and grew to become a widely respected manufacturer of sensors and pyrometers.  Our name is synonymous with quality and since our inception, we have earned a strong reputation for excellence in manufacturing and service.

In addition to our 10,000+ standard sensors, we custom design and manufacture whenever our customers need something specific (but not a standard) to solve their temperature quandary.  We listen to what you tell us – let us know your requirements and we will engineer and manufacture a part based on your specifications.  Everything we sell is designed, produced, and manufactured in our Virginia facility.  With our lab capable of calibrating temperature measurement devices from -196° C to 1500° C, we can handle all of your temperature needs.  Trust us to decrease defects related to temperature measurement errors.

As an all-American business, we are proud of our accomplishments and of our worldwide presence.  We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the many industries that have come to rely on EDL – glass, paper, food, plastic & rubber, automotive, tires & belting, shoe, metal casting, hospital & medical, labs, fuel & petrochemical, utilities, pipeline, transport, and more.  We sell worldwide to distributors, manufacturers, and individuals.

How you benefit from our comprehensive approach to temperature measurement
We are a leading American manufacturer of temperature products, calibrators and services. Located in Danville, Virginia, we provide high-quality temperature measurement equipment and service to companies locally and around the world. We provide these products through a comprehensive end-to-end quality assurance system. That means when you come to us for sensors, pyrometers, or calibrators, you can expect the kind of quality that means efficient, affordable, turnkey parts every time you order.

Let EDL meet your most challenging temperature specifications. From brand new jobs to existing projects, we offer instruments and sensors for every application imaginable. Whatever your specific job demands, you can count on us for quality parts whether your industry is food and beverage, paper, glass, pipeline, utilities, medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, tires & belting, packaging and display, or any another field that relies on trust in measurement. We specialize in small production level quantities from single pieces to 100,000 pieces annually.

We offer a different approach to temperature measurement
EDL makes the products that we sell.  If a customer asks us to source a product for them, we do it only as a courtesy to them.  EDL has enhanced the basic engineering and manufacturing processes used by other manufacturers one step further.  We take the opportunity to intelligently test and verify the quality of our parts at every step along the way, from design to assembly, and one last time before we ship the product to you.  This emphasis on quality assures the best possible product. We're proud of our reputation for top-quality instruments & sensors, calibrators & services with loyal customers around the world.

Our emphasis on quality
Our staff accepts nothing less than total quality through design, development, manufacturing and shipping.  Every employee who handles a product is expected to look at it and consider it theirs, so if there is a doubt about it, it gets reviewed.  We not only meet your requirements, but we are always looking for ways to improve our products in an attempt to save you time and money.  Our dedicated staff and their commitment to quality and your satisfaction are truly the backbone of our company.

You tell us what you want; we listen
At EDL, we listen to you - our customer. We don’t try to solve your Temperature dilemma by putting you in the same shoes as our other customers.  You need and require sensors and pyrometers based on your application and we are here to listen and offer a true temperature solution. We take the time to learn about your business, your challenges and all your temperature needs. We offer solutions after we listen to what you need.  

When you work with EDL, you automatically get the benefits of our commitment to superior materials and production standards, as well as our focus and dedication from product engineering to delivery and beyond.

To learn more about our business and what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, we look forward to working with you.