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6" Target!
6" Target!

6" Target (SBB) Single Black Body Infrared Calibrator

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The newest addition to the EDL Line of Infrared Calibrators boasts a super large 6" target - the ideal size for calibrating virtually any IR device. The new and improved design makes for easy and accurate testing of IR guns regardless of their class. The EDL Single Black Body with 6" Target IR Calibrator is easy to use and was designed with the user in mind. The Single Black Body IR Calibrator offers reliability, accuracy and precision measurements. These instruments make it a breeze to reliably test your IR devices on the floor or in the lab, and on a target you can trust. EDL's extremely uniform Black Body targets feature a high emissivity of > 0.98e. Available in 110VAC and 220VAC versions, with European cord sets as required.

6" Target - Single Black Body Infrared Temperature Calibrator 

Temperature Range: Ambient to 500 °C

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