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EDL's handheld instruments...

are robust, accurate, and
easy to use.

Temperature Instruments
Pocket Probe Digital
Pocket Probe V
Pocket Probe Analog
Pocket Probe Steel Case
Pocket Probe Sealed
Pocket Probe Extended Range
E-Z Probe
Multi-Point Switch
Multi-Zone Thermocouple Switch
MX Controller
We have hand picked the components of these kits to make your job easier...

Regardless of your industry,
we have a kit for you.

Temperature Kits
E-Z Probe Plastics Molding Temperature Kit
Pocket Probe Plastics Molding Temperature Kit
Temperature and Humidity Kit
E-Z Probe QA And Maintenance Temperature Kit
E-Z Probe Food and Beverage Temperature Kit
E-Z Probe Tire and Rubber Temperature Kit
Pocket Probe Analog Gas and Utility Kit

75 Years of Excellence

EDL's Sensors are hand crafted...

With over 10,000 choices, we have
a sensor for every application.

Temperature Sensors
Roller Contact Sensors
Needle Sensors
Air Sensors
Specialty Application Sensors
Magnetic Sensors
Wire Sensors
Pre-Calibrated Fine Wire Thermocouples
Process Thermocouples
Custom Engineered Sensors
Process Thermocouples
Bayonet Thermocouples
Platinum RTD sensors
Thermistor Sensors
Reference Sensors
EDL's metrology products are...

American-made high-quality
calibrators, that feature
competitive pricing.

Infrared Calibrators
Surface Calibrators
Comparison Cryostat Calibrators
Dry Well Calibrators
Liquid Bath Calibrators
Furnace Calibrators
No matter what your specific industry
needs may be...

EDL's custom engineering
department can offer you
a solution.

Industry Specific Products
  • Power Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Defense Industry
  • Fire Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Wire Industry
  • Chemical Industry


EDL offers custom services as a
value-added feature for our customers!

Reference Information

Instructional Videos, Helpful Hints,
and Datasheets!

Accessories and Replacements Parts

EDL accessories are designed to make taking
temperature measurements easier!

Why Choose EDL?

What our Custom Engineering
Department can do for you!

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About Electronic Development Labs, Inc.

This website represents over seven decades worth of experience EDL has in the temperature measurement field. Every sensor you see throughout this website, every device or kit or calibration product, is the on-going result of decades worth of refining and each one of them is going to be subject to another seventy-five-years’ worth of refining. That’s why EDL is the world’s leader in temperature measurement products: being the best isn’t early enough for us: every year, every day, we push ourselves to go beyond our best. That’s why no matter what it is, every EDL product is the most accurate, most cost-effective, most sturdy, and longest lasting in its class.

Our ethic of continual improvement has been the core of our company since day one. We were established in 1943 by Nathan Polsky as a repair house for temperature instruments, and it was not long before we were not just repairing instruments, but improving them as well. the drive to be the best made our future obvious: we could make better instruments, so we did.

EDL had put down its roots in Manhattan in 1943, but constant expansion required us to pick up and move to Hauppauge, Long Island, in 1982. Only eight years later, in 1990, we had already outgrown Long Island, so we relocated to Danville, VA purchasing an old school-desks and all- to set up shop, moving every employee down with us. We’re committed to being the best temperature equipment manufacturer in America, and that begins with a commitment to our employees.

Throughout all of this, our products have always been at the leading edge of technological advancement. We’ve helped measure the blast of the very first jet engines. Our products have helped our country harness safe nuclear energy. We’ve helped regulate oil wells and refineries; we’ve had a hand in creating new plastics and synthetic materials. Our sensors have helped build the rockets that have taken humans into space; they’ve played a part in creating silicon chips for computers. At the same time, they’ve helped bakers bake, construction workers pave roads, fire fighters train, manufacturers build cars, chemists create medicines, and more. Our products don’t just make the world go ‘round; they make it bigger.

The legacy of EDL is the legacy of innovation and progress of the 20th century America. Hand in hand with hundreds of satisfied clients, we’re forging ahead in the 21st century, pushing boundaries and preserving the good work that benefit all of us.

If you’re a long-time customer, we appreciate the continued support. If you’re new to our business, we can’t wait to help you build a legacy as long-lasting as ours.

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