EDL's handheld instruments
EDL's handheld instruments...

are robust, accurate, and
easy to use.

Temperature Instruments
Pocket Probe Digital
Pocket Probe V
Pocket Probe Analog
Pocket Probe Steel Case
Pocket Probe Sealed
Pocket Probe Extended Range
E-Z Probe
Multi-Point Switch
Multi-Zone Thermocouple Switch
MX Controller
We have hand picked the components of these kits to make your job easier...

Regardless of your industry,
we have a kit for you.

Temperature Kits
E-Z Probe Plastics Molding Temperature Kit
Pocket Probe Plastics Molding Temperature Kit
Temperature and Humidity Kit
E-Z Probe QA And Maintenance Temperature Kit
E-Z Probe Food and Beverage Temperature Kit
E-Z Probe Tire and Rubber Temperature Kit
Pocket Probe Analog Gas and Utility Kit

75 Years of Excellence

EDL's Sensors
EDL's Sensors are hand crafted...

With over 10,000 choices, we have
a sensor for every application.

Temperature Sensors
Roller Contact Sensors
Needle Sensors
Air Sensors
Specialty Application Sensors
Magnetic Sensors
Wire Sensors
Pre-Calibrated Fine Wire Thermocouples
Process Thermocouples
Custom Engineered Sensors
Process Thermocouples
Bayonet Thermocouples
Platinum RTD sensors
Thermistor Sensors
Reference Sensors
EDL's metrology products
EDL's metrology products are...

American-made high-quality
calibrators, that feature
competitive pricing.

Infrared Calibrators
Surface Calibrators
Comparison Cryostat Calibrators
Dry Well Calibrators
Liquid Bath Calibrators
Furnace Calibrators
EDL's custom engineering
No matter what your specific industry
needs may be...

EDL's custom engineering
department can offer you
a solution.

Industry Specific Products
  • Power Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Defense Industry
  • Fire Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Wire Industry
  • Chemical Industry


EDL offers custom services as a
value-added feature for our customers!

Reference Information

Reference Information

Instructional Videos, Helpful Hints,
and Datasheets!

Accessories and Replacements Parts

Accessories and Replacements Parts

EDL accessories are designed to make taking
temperature measurements easier!

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What our Custom Engineering
Department can do for you!

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