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  • Temperature Kits
    EDL Temperature Kits are a must have for industry professionals! EDL's all inclusive Temperature Kits were designed for industry specific temperature measurement requirements. All kit components were carefully selected to include the necessary sensors and instrumentation needed for quick and easy temperature readings throughout your plant! EDL's kits come complete with sensors, pyrometers, the exclusive HBET Interchangeable Sensor System, and carrying cases. We have kits for almost every industry! Buy your kit today and save 10%!
  • Temperature Instruments
    EDL offers a full line of handheld and bench top pyrometers. All of our instruments are made in America and are backed by an unbeatable warranty.
  • Temperature Sensors
    EDL offers high quality thermocouples, thermistors, and RTDs. In addition to our 10,000+ standard sensors, we also custom design and manufacture specialty sensors for industry specific needs. All EDL sensors are hand-crafted here in the USA, for real quality and dependability.
  • Calibration Services
    Since 1943, EDL's calibration lab has specialized in providing a source for unique temperature calibration and testing requirements. From the Cryogenic range to above 1500 °C, EDL will test your sensors to ASTM standards. EDL calibrates our own sensors & instruments and those purchased elsewhere. Controlled atmosphere testing, power dissipation testing, and response time testing are just a few of EDL's capabilities.
  • Repair Services
    EDL has been providing temperature calibrations and repair services since our inception in 1943. We believe our services are deeply rooted in the science of temperature measurement and metrology. Initially, EDL provided calibration and repair services only for the products that we manufacture; however, through customer encouragement our services have expanded to include many types of temperature indicating devices. You will note that we only calibrate temperature-monitoring equipment and have remained focused on this parameter since 1943.
  • Fire Service Products
    Since 1943, we have been a leading manufacturer of temperature measurement products. In addition to serving our industrial manufacturing clients, we begun serving the fire training burn building industry since the early 90's. Our T-VAL Fire Safety Kit, Accu-Therm Digital Unit, and high temperature wire and thermocouples are designed and manufactured specifically for the fire industry, and are being used by fire departments around the world for live fire training. EDL products are all manufactured in the USA. We offer the most rugged and dependable equipment available and over 74 years of manufacturing expertise - our products can be trusted and are built to last. EDL offers high quality temperature monitoring equipment and sensors for burn building training applications. Our products are designed to *Test burn building sensors, *Test shutdown temperature on gas fired systems, *Calibrate temperature monitoring systems, *Improve the safety of training, *Identify damaged sensors, *Test full control loop, sensor, cabling and control.
  • Compression Fittings
    EDL's Compression Fittings have been in production and used internationally for over 30 years. They are designed for a broad range of markets and for use in municipal pressure and gravity piping systems, wastewater, oil and gas, Methane gas, salt water, compressed air, irrigation, food and beverage, mining, geo thermal applications, waterworks, electrical systems, plumbing systems, telecommunications, radiant heating, and any fluid conduction application. EDL's fittings may be used in new installations, or in repair and maintenance situations. Our fittings are easily installed, resulting in labor and equipment cost savings for you.
  • Custom Engineered Sensors
    EDL offers extensive custom engineering capabilities for process measurement and control. Our versatile manufacturing and machining allows us to efficiently produce even small quantities of temperature sensors or prototypes that require specially machined components. Our engineering team delivers the knowledge and experience to customize and develop new products for customer-specific applications. We are the Temperature People® - since 1943. Contact our helpful sales team at or 434.799.0807, for a solution to your unique temperature application.
  • Accessories and Replacement Parts
    Find the right accessories and replacement parts for your EDL sensors, instruments and calibrators. We still offer replacement parts for products that were manufactured 50+ years ago. We offer replacement bands for our sensors, extender leads, thermocouple wire, instrument lugs, plugs and jacks, termination adapters, sensor holders for our metrology products, salt and silicone oil for baths, extension handles and leads, pre-calibrated replaceable fine wire thermocouples, protective carrying cases, and thermocouple switches. We offer total commitment to customer service and product support.
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