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Liquid Bath Calibrators

EDL brings accurate stirred liquid bath calibrations to field service and the laboratory bench top with the introduction of our Mini-Baths. We offer both Mini-Salt Baths, as well as our Mini-Ultra Bath. All of our calibration baths are rigorously tested in our labs for stability and uniformity before they leave our facility. We even make shipping a breeze because of the small size. 

Mini-Ultra Baths are high precision portable calibration source instruments that outclass even the best dry wells - at an affordable price. Mini-Ultra Baths are ideal for lab and field calibration of thermocouples, SPRTs, thermisotrs, and liquid in glass thermometers. The MUB was designed for a temperature range of -20 °C to 130 °C, allowing testing at 121 °C, a key sterilization temperature. 

We also offer Mini-Salt Baths that are well suited for bench top laboratory use, as well as in the field. The Mini-Salt Bath (MSB-200 has a temperature range of ambient to 200 °C, and MSB-500 has a temperature range of 200 °C to 500 °C) offers fluid immersion depths of over 12", making these units suitable for comparison calibrations of SPRTs, industrial thermometers, and thermocouples in a wide temperature range. All Mini-Salt Baths feature high stability and uniformity. This is largely a result of the advanced stirring system and advanced engineering. These baths typically achieve a standard deviation of ± 0.005 K=2. 
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