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Infrared Calibrators

EDL's Black Body Calibrators are the most trusted and reliable IR calibrators available. Economical, easy to use and compact - our Black Bodies were designed with the user in mind. These calibrators are easy to setup and easy to use. Simply set the desired temperature from the convenient front panel control buttons, wait a few moments to ensure stability, and point the gun at the target. Radiated energy from the Black Body is measured by your IR thermometer. Simply compare the UUT (IR gun) to the reading on the display and record the difference! 

All of EDL's products are made in the USA. We guarantee the highest quality of goods that are engineered and built by skilled craftsmen with ample experience in the temperature measurement and calibration field. Since 1943, our focus has been on achieving the highest levels of accuracy that are unmatched by any other company. Let EDL reduce the uncertainty of your measurements - rely on EDL for all of your temperature and calibration needs. 
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