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Since 1943, we have been known as The Temperature People. Our single focus has been on designing and manufacturing the finest temperature products available. In addition to our thousands of standard sensors, EDL offers extensive custom engineering capabilities for process measurement and control. Thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors - contact us for a customized solution based on your needs. Our versatile manufacturing and machining allows us to efficiently produce even small quantities of temperature sensors or prototypes that require specialty machined components. Our engineering team delivers the knowledge and experience to customize and develop new products for customer specific applications. Contact us at or 800.342.5335 for a solution to your unique temperature application.

We are a manufacturer of temperature instruments and sensors for industries ranging from medicine, power and gas, nuclear, petrochemical, bio-medical, plastics, glass, food and beverage, construction, pipeline, and more. Our manufacturing expertise has given us a deep understanding of these processes and products. Trust EDL for your next special application. 
  • Fire Industry
    Since 1943, we have been a leading manufacturer of temperature measurement products. In addition to serving our industrial manufacturing clients, we begun serving the fire training burn building industry since the early 90's. Our T-VAL Fire Safety Kit, Accu-Therm Digital Unit, and high temperature wire and thermocouples are designed and manufactured specifically for the fire industry, and are being used by fire departments around the world for live fire training. EDL products are all manufactured in the USA. We offer the most rugged and dependable equipment available and over 74 years of manufacturing expertise - our products can be trusted and are built to last. EDL offers high quality temperature monitoring equipment and sensors for burn building training applications. Our products are designed to: Test burn building sensors Test shutdown temperature on gas fired systems Calibrate temperature monitoring systems Improve the safety of training Identify damaged sensors Test full control loop, sensor, cabling and control EDL Products are suitable for Class A & Gas Fired Training Buildings and are durable and corrosion resistant. We offer top notch technical support, including a mobile tech team that will evaluate your training facility and complete repairs and calibrations at your facility. Contact for a quote today.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
    EDL manufactures Instruments, calibrators, thermocouples and RTDs that are used in a wide array of pharmaceutical production and research. Our Calibrators easily cover the range of all Pharmaceutical operations. They feature high accuracy, with extremely high stability. All EDL sensors are hand made with the finest materials available and are held to the most stringent standards. We offer thermocouple, RTDs, thermistors and solid state designs for sanitary applications, as well as sensors that flush-mount with the interior walls of tanks, measuring temperatures without penetrating the inside of the vessels. Our fully staffed tool & die machine shop produces and fabricates all of our parts in house for added quality control. For the past 75 years, EDL has manufactured not only our long time trusted standard sensors, but also custom engineered thermocouples and RTDs specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. We also offer immersion style and surface style sensors for use in the injection molding and packaging side.
  • Power Industry
    EDL manufactures a number of temperature sensors for various applications in the power and energy industry. We specialize in temperature sensors for almost every application found throughout power plants. Our specialties include sensors and RTDs for everything from wind turbine bearings to durable thermocouples for boiler and piping systems. We also offer a variety of sensor assemblies including thermowells and compression fittings. We also offer the most accurate RTD sensors available, for all of your precision applications.
  • Food Industry
    For decades, EDL has served the Food & Beverage Industry. We offer a large variety of sensor sizes and styles, including penetration style RTDs and thermocouples ideal for use in fresh and frozen meat, fish, poultry, dough and other food products. Our instruments feature shatterproof displays and sensors that include ergonomic handles for easy insertion into frozen meats. We offer coilcord leads for quick and easy washdowns / sanitation. Lead length, as well as sensor length and diameter may be customized to fit your particular requirement. We also offer sensors that can be flush-mounted with the interior walls of storage tanks, so you can measure the temperature of the material inside, without having to penetrate the inside of the vessel. Contact our sales department at or 434.799.0807 for help with your customized sensor today.
  • Paper Industry
    For decades, EDL has served the pulp and paper industry. Our Temperature & Humidity Kit, as well as our custom manufactured thermocouples and RTDs are used to measure temperatures throughout the various parts of the production process - including product and air temperatures, bearing and lube oil temperatures, dryer temperatures, and chemical temperatures. Our thermocouples and RTDs for pulp and paper mills are used in many applications plant wide to monitor critical plant temperatures, improve performance, enhance safety, and reduce fuel costs.
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