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Comparison Cryostat Calibrator

EDL's Comparison Cryostat  Calibrator (CRYO-CAL-2) is a passively cooled cryostat that allows the user to calibrate temperature measurement devices from 77K (-196 °C) to Ambient - at an affordable price. Using liquid nitrogen as the cooling media eliminates the extreme cost of cascade compressor systems and the cumbersome nature of such baths. 

EDL also offers the CRYO-CAL-1, an alternative to the argon triple point and other cryogenic calibrators. It is used to calibrate temperature sensors such as SPRTs, RTDs, and thermocouples via comparison calibration. The CRYO-CAL utilizes the phase change pint of liquid nitrogen to establish a reference temperature of approximately 77K (-196 °C). 
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Cryo-Cal-1 Comparison Calibrator
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